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Will you have children in your wedding ceremony?

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

People often overlook the fact that children can play a role in creating a fantastic wedding ceremony. Lots of brides and grooms already have children, both young and old, and having them play a role in your Special Day can make it that much more magical and add to the atmosphere.

For example, you can have Page Boys or Flower Girls, plus they can even carry the rings. You do not necessarily have to have the Best Man carry the rings, so why not give your much loved child the responsibility and honour? Plus the child feels that they have also played an important part in mum's and dad's wedding and will feel grateful for the honour in their later years.

Therefore, as well as planning for the wedding ceremony in terms of the wedding dress, the rings, the bridesmaids' attire and the stretch limousine you intend to arrive in, consider having your children play a role which they will relish and you and the entire wedding party and audience will enjoy and appreciate. And don't forget you will have some unforgettable, gorgeous photo memories to cherish forever.

I hope to receive your call soon to begin planning your wedding service and a wonderful Special Day.

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