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Q1. Can we choose spiritual or religious wording for our ceremony?

You are free to suggest any service or wording that reflects your religious and spiritual beliefs or outlook on life.

Q2. Do we have to attend pre-marital courses?

No, but you may if you wish. I have some printed information available to assist you if you are interested in attending pre- or post-marriage courses that are conducted through organisations such as Relationships Australia and Anglicare.

Q3. What are our first steps?

Book in a time and date to meet with me as soon as you can. I am available almost anytime, day or night, so arranging a time to meet-up is very easy. We need to complete your 'Notice of Intended Marriage' form in order to lodge it with me one full calendar month of at least 30 days prior to your wedding day ie: it can be signed on 22 May and you can marry on 22 June. You would be strongly advised to complete this with me earlier than 30 days, if possible. Most couples book in several months ahead, and sometimes even over a year in advance, to ensure their date is safely locked in.

Notice of Intended Marriage [PDF 883.06 KB]

Q4. What are the costs?

My fee to conduct a wedding ceremony is $565, though a negotiable, extra charge, may apply in some situations ie: lengthy travel (over 50km round trip).

Q5. What are the legal obligations?

  • You must be 18 years or over. However, court approval may be obtained for younger people to marry in some circumstances. See me for further information about this.

  • Prior to the day of marriage, you will need both to produce either your original birth certificates or passports and some form of valid photo ID ie: driver licences. 

  • You must give the celebrant one calendar month's notice by lodging the completed Notice Of Intended Marriage form with them ie: if you lodge the completed NOIM on 10 March, the earliest day you can legally marry is 11 April.

  • If either of you have been previously married, you must produce either your Divorce Decree Absolute papers or the Death Certificate if your spouse is deceased.

  • Please note that all documents must be originals.  If any documents are in a foreign language, they must be translated into English by an accredited authority, preferably a NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters) accredited association or organisation.

  • On the day of your marriage you must have two witnesses over the age of 18 years, who speak and understand English, present at the wedding.

Q6. What does my fee include?

  • Your consultations.

  • A wedding rehearsal, if you wish to have one.

  • A personally written ceremony tailored to suit your needs and wishes.

  • Your printed Celebrant's Marriage Certificate.

  • Time and travelling costs on the day of your marriage.

  • Lodgement of all legal paperwork to register your Marriage with NSW Department of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

  • My attendance to conduct your ceremony.

  • Use of my PA system.

Q7. What does the Celebrant do?

I assist you in completing all legal documents. I write and perform a ceremony to suit your needs, solemnise your marriage, and lodge all legal paperwork to officially register your marriage at the office of Births, Deaths And Marriages.

Q8. What may be included in the ceremony?

You can choose poems/readings from anywhere, including any text of your belief or spirituality. I have an extensive range of material to assist you in your choices. The ceremony would usually comprise a traditional "asking" in which you are each asked to respond to the simple question of your desire and willingness to become husband and wife. Later, vows are declared in the ceremony, plus there is an exchange of rings. There are no real restrictions on what you can include, so long as all the legally required sections are incorporated into the wedding ceremony ie: The Monitum and The Vows.

Q9. Where can I find the Notice Of Intended Marriage form that need to be completed?

The Notice Of Intended Marriage form can be downloaded from the link below. However, I have numerous copies of this form already, so you do not need to bring it with you to the meeting with me.

Notice of Intended Marriage [DOCX 66.49 KB]

Notice of Intended Marriage [PDF 883.06 KB]

Q10. Where can we get married?

Almost anywhere suitable to yourselves - it's your choice! That's one of the many great advantages of selecting a Civil Marriage Celebrant! You can marry on a beach, in a park, on a boat, in a hall, in a backyard, in a house, in a forest, on a mountainside, on a farm or at a restaurant. The possibilities are almost infinite. See below a list of Port Macquarie Wedding Venues.

Government Departments


New South Wales

Australian Attorney-General's Department

Department of Immigration and Citizenship 

Translating and Interpreting Service

Location of Local NSW Courts

Port Macquarie Wedding Venues - Highly Recommended 

Town Green Buffet

Mecure Centro


Country Comfort Waters Edge

Cruise Port Macquarie

Bransley Park Weddings

Mansfield Estate

Long Point Vineyard & Art Gallery

Port Macquarie Funeral Parlours - Highly Recommended

Hasting District Funeral & Cremation Services (


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