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Great wedding photos can very easily be captured during The Signing.

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

The Signing of The Documents is one of the best moments for you to capture some fantastic photos during your wedding service because you're seated and so the photographers can more easily avoid the types of distractions that occur when you're moving about. Some of your most outstanding photos will likely be taken during The Signing and could easily wind up mounted on your wall or mantlepiece.

You obviously want to have lots of incredible photos to cherish forever when you fondly remember your wedding ceremony and many of those are probably going to be taken during The Signing. A lovely montage you might put together of your wedding day photos and images will always include a number of photos from The Signing, do you would be wise to do some thinking about this prior to your wedding day and perhaps even practice a few poses which you think might make great photos. You should even consult with the two witnesses you intend to use as they also play an important role in ensuring The Signing photos are as splendid as possible.

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