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Great ideas for your Port Macquarie wedding day!

When you celebrate your wedding day here in Port Macquarie, why not do it in style by hiring a fancy car or even a horse-drawn carriage! It's your Special Day, so you want to make it as memorable and unique as possible.

Your memories and photographs are something you will cherish and enjoy forever. Therefore, you should think and investigate long and hard to make it as perfect as possible. You might even seriously consider hiring the services of a wedding planner, as they usually have lots of great contacts and ideas for making a wedding ceremony and reception glamorous and exciting for you and your guests.

Always remember, it's not just a matter of having a nice wedding dress, an MC, a wedding celebrant, a photographer and a nice reception venue to make the most of your Special Day, there's lots of other options available to think about in order to achieve your very best outcome.

Whatever you decide to do and whenever you choose to have your wedding, I would be delighted to perform your wedding ceremony. Give me a call and let's start planning a great wedding ceremony soon here in Port Macquarie.

Vincent Moore - Wedding Celebrant In Port Macquarie

Civil Marriage Celebrant (CMC) Justice of The Peace (JP)

Phone contact: 0431195140

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