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Funeral in Port Macquarie? Call Vincent Moore to be your celebrant.

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Hi, I'm Vincent, a funeral and wedding celebrant in Port Macquarie. If you are in the sad situation of having to farewell a loved one, I'd be delighted to be your funeral celebrant and help you give your loved one the lovely farewell you wish to give them. It's all about celebrating the life of the deceased and helping their families and friends through the grieving process by focusing upon all their wonderful memories they've left behind.

Give me a call and let's start preparing a wonderful service for the one you loved who has now departed.

Vincent Moore - Wedding Celebrant In Port Macquarie

Funeral Celebrant In Port Macquarie

Civil Marriage Celebrant (CMC) Justice of The Peace (JP)

Phone contact: 0431195140

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