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Your Port Macquarie wedding could be happening in just one month.

If you come to see me we can sign the Notice Of Intended Marriage form and have your wedding here in Port Macquarie just one month later. For example, if you come to see me on June 10th, we could legally schedule your wedding for July 11th. The link for this form is shown below, but you don't need to worry about downloading it, because I always have plenty of copies printed and ready to use for my clients.

Regardless of when you intend to celebrate your Special Day, I would be delighted to perform your wedding ceremony and tailor-make a service that is uniquely yours and meets your wishes. There are very few restrictions on what you can or cannot have in your wedding ceremony, so long as the legal sections ie: The Monitum, The Vows, Signing Of The Documents, are all included. Otherwise, you can have any music, readings, humour etc you wish to have in the service. Some choose to release balloons or doves, whilst others have a sand ceremony, there are really no restrictions on what you might wish to do. Further, you can have any wordings you wish in the Exchanging of The Rings, Introduction, The Asking etc. It's your Special Day and my job as a Marriage Celebrant is to help you enjoy it and make it as special as possible.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and we can commence planning a fantastic and lovely wedding ceremony.

Vincent Moore - Wedding Celebrant In Port Macquarie

Civil Marriage Celebrant (CMC) Justice of The Peace (JP)

Phone contact: 0431195140

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