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Will your wedding ceremony have a theme?

What theme might you give like to give to your wedding ceremony, if any theme at all? Are you interested in giving it a theme beyond your public declaration of love and fidelity to one another? Perhaps you might like a colour theme, a joke theme, a floral theme, a Gothic theme or something else?

It is totally up to you whatever theme you choose, because it's your very own Special Day. Don't be too concerned what others might think, because it's not their day, it's yours. Therefore, think about whatever most interests you and what you believe might be a nice theme to have for your wedding ceremony. Possibly you could have a fancy dress theme, which is always guaranteed to produce lots of laughs and fun. Otherwise, you might really love flowers and feel that lots of gorgeous floral arrangements will be just the right tonic for your wedding day.

Whatever theme you choose just go hard for it and make it the best you possibly can so you can enjoy the fond memories for the rest of your lives.

Vincent Moore - Wedding Celebrant

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