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Which season will be the best choice for your wedding day?

Are you going to choose a date in Summer, Spring, Autumn or Winter for your wedding day? There's advantages and disadvantages or whichever you select, but that won't matter so long as you really maximise and act upon the advantages.

For instance, a winter wedding is always going to be cheaper as there's so much less competition for the venues, make-up artists, marriage celebrants, car hire, honeymoon destinations etc. Therefore, you can take advantage of the savings to perhaps make the food at your wedding of a higher quality than you may have been able to afford in the more expensive times such as Summer and Spring. Alternatively, you might choose the more popular warmer seasons because you know the weather is more reliable, plus your photographs should be of a superior quality.

Regardless, just make your decision and then go your hardest to ensure that the wedding day will be a warm and fond memory for the rest of your lives.

Vincent Moore - Wedding Celebrant

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