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What time of day will you have your wedding ceremony?

Are you planning to have a morning, afternoon or evening wedding ceremony? Perhaps you've already decided or haven't thought too much about it yet. Whatever you do decide to do, there are advantages and disadvantages. Obviously, if the weather is fine, then a morning or afternoon ceremony can capture great sunny images, but you miss out on some of the gorgeous photos a twilight or evening wedding might capture. Alternatively, the evening wedding cannot capture the lovely daylight shots of a morning or afternoon ceremony.

Otherwise, if you choose an afternoon ceremony, then you can at least perhaps capture a few great evening shots at the wedding reception if you're content to settle for that? Also, it's more likely to a bit too cool sometimes in the evening, depending upon the time of year, so you might opt for a daytime ceremony. Anyway, once you've made your decision then really go for it and make it your dream Special Day.

Vincent Moore - Wedding Celebrant

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