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The bride emerging from a horse-drawn carriage is an elegant sight at a wedding ceremony.

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Might a horse-drawn carriage be your preferred option to herald your arrival at your wedding ceremony? If it is, then your photos will be incredible and the atmosphere created by the theatrics are second to none. Nobody says you have to arrive at your wedding ceremony in a car, so why not?

I urge you to consider creative options like this to make your Special Day feel as unique and exciting as possible. Life is short they say, so why settle for second best on your wedding day? The rapturous applause and sense of wonder created by the image of a lovely bride alighting from a stunning horse-drawn carriage will be phenomenal memories you'll carry for the rest of your life. Perhaps see if your wedding planner has any contacts that might assist with this or simply try to Google the answer yourself. A lovely horse-drawn carriage delivering you to your wedding here in Port Macquarie is an option worth exploring.

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