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Spectacular images of Mazz and Paul's Uluru wedding.

I had the honour and privilege to conduct the wedding ceremony for Mazz and Paul at Uluru in 2016. The atmosphere of this iconic location is absolutely magical and you feel truly humbled in the presence of the world's largest monolith. Paul and Mazz could not have selected a location more spectacular and wonderful than this world famous place of great reverence for our Indigenous people.

You may decide that Uluru is the place you might seriously consider for your own wedding ceremony? If so, you will have memories that will provide you with endless pleasure for the rest of your life. Why don't you do a bit of thinking about this and perhaps take the exciting plunge on a wedding ceremony at this wonderful, exciting and mystical landscape!

I hope to hear from you soon to begin work upon your wedding ceremony.

Vincent Moore CMC JP

Wedding Celebrant

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