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Keep smiling on your wedding day, all day!

Smiles are free, we often forget that. And it's especially important that you always remember to keep smiling on your wedding day, plus ensure that the whole of your wedding party does too, if you wish your photos to be as fantastic as you want them to be.

Therefore, be certain to keep reminding your bridesmaids, groomsmen, maids of honour and best man to have that big, wide smile firmly fixed in place all day. A good way to try and get them into the habit is to continuously remind them at the rehearsals, plus some gentle prods and whispers over the course of the day can work wonders. You don't want to risk being disappointed when you look through your Special Day photos only to discover that there's lots of photos with members of your wedding party not smiling.

So keep those smiles coming and I hope to see you soon again on my Blog.

Vincent Moore - Wedding Celebrant

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