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Have you booked your wedding celebrant yet?

If you haven't yet booked your marriage celebrant for your Special Day please remember that you need to sign the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) paperwork at minimum 30 full calendar days prior to your wedding. For example, if you sign the NOIM form on 5th July, 2021, then the first day you can legally marry in Australia is 5th June, 2021. However, if you sign the NOIM on 28th February, 2021, you cannot marry on 28th March, 2021, as February is a shorter month and the full 30 calendar days have not elapsed.

The reason for this 30 day calendar delay between signing the NOIM and when you can have your marriage solemnised is because we are not in the Las Vegas situation where you can simply wander into a registry office at any time and marry instantly. Australia has what is referred to as a cooling off period to ensure that you have some time to consider and assess the serious and solemn commitment you are making when you marry. People often fail to properly consider the legal, financial, taxation, property and emotional commitments and implications which marriage entails.

I hope to hear from you soon for a meeting and to sign-up your NOIM paperwork so we can start arranging your wedding ceremony.

Vincent Moore - Wedding Celebrant

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