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A wishing well is a great idea at a wedding.

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Have you considered having a wishing well at your wedding here in Port Macquarie? Maybe you are worried about the thought of receiving 10 toasters or 6 sandwich makers as gifts and feel that it might make more sense to just receive cash donations? And then you and your new spouse can make your own decisions exactly what you wish to purchase for your new life together.

It's not hard to either set up an electronic version of a wishing well or simply go for the old style, as pictured here, where people simply drop in an envelope. Plus it stops your guests from having to run around working out what they think you might like to receive and they might much appreciate this easier option.

So I hope to hear from you soon to perform your wedding somewhere at one of the gorgeous Port Macquarie locations and then you can go on to enjoy a lovely reception with the wishing well waiting for your guests to place your wedding gifts and cards.

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