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Plan a lovely Naming Ceremony for Port Macquarie.

A Naming Ceremony is where the parents choose to formally introduce their child to their family and circle of friends, and announce the chosen names. The ceremony is shared with family and friends at a reasonably informal, yet important and delightful occasion, and can involve relatives and close friends of the family.

Furthermore, a Naming Ceremony is a very special occasion where you, as parents, formally announce and acknowledge the little one's name. It is a time when you may involve God, parents and guardians in the ceremony. At the same time, you may also choose to acknowledge the important part that grand and great-grandparents play in the lives of a small child in their developing years.

Moreover, a Naming Ceremony can take place at any time. Even adults who have not previously been officially named can be a part of such a lovely occasion. With babies, their first birthday is a popular time to hold such a ceremony. It can be held at any venue of your choice, often in locations where young couples were married, in the family home, or the homes of other family members. A Naming Ceremony is predominantly a non-religious celebration, although you can, of course, have family members or friends read Christian passages or other poems.

I can provide sample ceremonies to help you put this special occasion together. You can of course develop your own ceremony or include rituals or symbolism that you have seen elsewhere, and which you think is appropriate at this time.

Port Macquarie is a wonderful and scenic place to conduct a Naming Ceremony, you can choose between stunning beaches, gorgeous, lush rainforests and spectacular lookouts for your location. Whatever you decide, it's your ceremony and I will do everything possible to ensure that it becomes a cherished and memorable event.

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