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Hi, I'm Vincent, Port Macquarie Marriage Celebrant.

Hi, I'm Vincent, a Port Macquarie Macquarie Marriage Celebrant. I love helping couples celebrate their Special Day in the most exciting and amazing way possible. We just need to meet-up and sign the necessary legal paperwork to lock in your wedding day date and start planning a fantastic wedding ceremony.

I have numerous sample ceremonies for you to choose from and modify or change to suit your wishes. Alternatively, you can do something completely different, as there's very few rules on what you can or cannot have in a wedding service. So long as we include The Monitum, The Signing of The Documents and the correct wordings in The Vows, you are otherwise completely at liberty to do or include anything you like in your wedding ceremony. You might choose a lighthearted style with lots or humour or perhaps a more serious, formal format might be your preference. It's totally up to you and that is the biggest advantage of choosing a Civil Marriage Celebrant, you can literally have any type of ceremony at any location you wish.

Port Macquarie has some wonderful spots to have your wedding ceremony and I would be very pleased to conduct your service for you. I hope to hear from you very soon.

Vincent Moore - Wedding Celebrant In Port Macquarie

Civil Marriage Celebrant (CMC) Justice of The Peace (JP)

Phone contact: 0431195140

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