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A funny group photo might be just the thing you'd like at your wedding!

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

There is no set formula for the type of wedding you might have, so don't feel that it must always be a very formal and serious affair. Your personalities might be much more suited to a fun-filled, much less serious wedding, with humour, levity and laughs the main ingredients. Therefore, consider having a wedding ceremony and reception filled with jokes and messing around, rather than one a very traditional and formal format.

After all, it's your Special Day, just do as you wish and everyone else has to fit into your style. You want to enjoy your memories for the rest of your lives and not live with regrets that, for whatever reasons, you didn't really do what you wanted to do. If humour, gags, mirth and witty comments are your forte, then so be it and mould your wedding ceremony and reception into a lighthearted affair.

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